Q:I've read the treatments page but still haven't got a clear idea of what a treatment involves. Will you describe one?

A: When it's your turn for a treatment you will lie on a chiropractic table (a nicely padded one) with me standing beside you on your right and an assistant standing beside you on the left. She will place a hand on your leg and extend her other arm towards me. This arm will be about 18 inches above and across your chest. I will use this arm to test you as described in the treatments page. When your B.O.S. indicates a problem area, I will either place a 'filter' on you and/or perform a clearing touch. To you, on the table, this will look like I'm moving my hands over and around you very quickly, or tapping and touching parts of you, and/or placing the plastic 'filters' on you.

Q:Does it hurt?

A: Absolutely Not

Q: OK, what will I feel?

A: During the treatment you might not experience anything. Sometimes you might experience some emotions. Sometimes, as you rise off the table after a treatment you may feel slightly dizzy, spacey, or light. Sometimes between treatments, you may feel very tired, groggy, or sleepy. The duration of these reactions varies from minutes to hours; but they are nothing to be concerned about.

Q: Do I get one treatment per day, or per week, or what?

A:It's quite common for clients to spend a full day here and receive treatments hourly (except over lunch and dinner). Clients who come from great distances often spend several days or a full week here, doing hourly treatments. Keep in mind however that your B.O.S. may need more than an hour between treatments. That 'processing' time varies with clients and the clearing that has just taken place.

Q:How many treatments does it take to heal illnesses?

A:Unfortunately, there is no answer to that question. Each person's state of disease is unique. Your B.O.S. presents areas that need clearing in a precise order that cannot be shortcut. Basically we test and clear, test and clear, test and clear - until there is nothing testing negative. Although rare, for some people and some illness that's one treatment. During your first appointment we can discuss this and I'll share my experience of others with your illness.

Q:What do I do between treatments?

A:Some people bring reading material and stay in the waiting room area. We are close to the downtown area of Guelph so some clients explore the shops. A few people walk just down the street to the public library. There is a Tim Horton coffee shop close by.

Q:After you've done a clearing, is that it forever?

A:Sometimes yes, sometimes no depending on you and the illness. I'd like to say yes for all cases; but that's just not true. For example a toxic level of heavy metals can be cleared; but continued life style exposure means continued toxification.

Q:Are there certain illnesses or diseases for which B.O.S. does not work?

A:Yes. If there has been significant structural damage, your body may not have the capability to repair it back to 'good as new'. But B.O.S. can still be a great investment in your health. Structural damage is always accompanied by functional damage to other areas, and B.O.S. can attend to these