Biocomputer Operating System Seminar

The Biocomputer Operating System (B.O.S.) is an energy harmonizing technique that attempts to clear the body’s control system of errors and interference so that your body’s inborn healing potential can be fully expressed. This technique is totally natural and non-invasive.

B.O.S. operates on these basic beliefs:

The body has an inborn resistance to illness and disease and an ability to heal itself when ill. If energy blockages are present, the body’s inborn control system or immune system is unable to do its job in the normal way. The B.O.S. technique helps to clear the body’s energy blockages and allows the body to advance toward wellness.

Course Content

Seminars are on Fridays & Saturdays 9am -5pm

Module 1

The History of B.O.S. Muscle testing using a surrogate Body Points and corrections, Laterality

Module 2

Allergy Procedures, Pathogen Procedures

Module 3

Arthritis Procedures, Asthma Procedures, Circulation Procedures, Gastrointestinal Procedures, Headache Procedures

Module 4

Reproduction Series, Learning Disabilities Sugar Balance, Structural Harmonization Immune System

Module 5

Emotional harmonization Procedures Open Question and Answer